Security with technical
security devices (SOD)

Signal-security activity

A precisely structured process, in accordance with the Private Security Act, the client’s preferences and the recommendations of the experts of Professional Protection – Electronics Ltd. Applicable regulations and standards must be complied with.

The service includes:

Users of the service "Security with technical security means" receive:

  • The optimal configuration of the technical security system.
  • Detailed information about the system components.
  • The possibilities of combining with other services offered by the company.
  • The prices of the offered technical means and services, payment methods, preferential conditions, current promotions, etc.
  • The timeframe for building the system.
  • Recommendations to improve site security.
  • The cost of the equipment required for the construction of the site.
  • Prices for installation, setup and programming of the technical means.
  • Timeframe for system construction.
  • Warranty period.
  • Terms and method of payment.
  • Regulatory documents, the requirements of which are observed in the development of the project.
  • System design solutions.
  • Specification of the input equipment.
  • System block diagram.
  • A diagram showing the exact location of the system elements.
  • All necessary consents, approvals and certifications certifying the validity of the project.

Wiring, installation of the technical security equipment, setup – allowing adequate and faultless operation of the system, programming – providing the most accurate information about the events at the site and training the customer to work with the system.

Periodic sampling of all programmed signals and measurement of the instantaneous performance of the electronic components that make up the system.

  • Reconfiguring and reprogramming the entire system or its individual components.
  • On-site replacement and repair of individual components.
  • Relocation (dismantling and installation) of technical equipment when necessary.
  • Removal of faulty components and replacement with temporary ones until the fault is rectified.
  • Repair in the company’s service, adjustment and testing.
  • Installation of the repaired part and testing the overall system performance.

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