Physical security

The service includes round-the-clock or hourly armed or unarmed security of individual objects and the material valuables, property, goods, equipment, information, etc. located therein. It is suitable for domestic, administrative, industrial, commercial, banking, etc. facilities, regardless of their size. It is carried out by officers specially trained for this activity, whose personal qualities and training are tailored to the specifics of the facility they are guarding. Depending on the tasks to be performed, the security guards have appropriate equipment – motor vehicles, uniforms and protective clothing with company insignia, devices for rapid communication, firearms or gas weapons, metal detectors, mobile lighting, aids for self-defense and detention of intruders. Employees are prepared to act in situations of varying degrees of complexity, subject to the requirements of the Private Security Act.

Physical security is offered both independently and in combination with any of the other services provided by the company. The specifics of its implementation are negotiated individually:

Customers of the Physical Security service receive:

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